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2008– Assistant Professor — College of William and Mary
Department of Applied Science

Nanomaterials and Imaging Lab
2004–2008 Associate Research Scholar — Princeton University
Chemical Engineering Department
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2004            Dr. sc. nat.,  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences
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1999 Dipl. Phys., Universität Konstanz, Germany
Physics Department
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Jul 2013 Hannes Schniepp will serve as the new Director of Graduate Studies for the Applied Science Department, starting September 01, 2013.
Jun 2013 Hannes Schniepp is named a member of the editorial board of the new journal Advances in Chemistry (Hindawi).
May 2013 Prof. Schniepp gives an invited talk at NASA's Langley Research Center on 2D-High-Performance Materials.
May 2013 Pei Pang joins our team as a research undergraduate student. Pei is currently a sophomore in William & Mary's chemistry department.
Jan 2013 Hannes Schniepp is named a member of the editorial board of the journal Graphene (American Scientific Publishers).
Jan 2013 Prof. Schniepp gives an invited lecture on in the Soft Matter Seminar in the Physics Department of Georgetown University.
Dec 2012 We congratulate our team member Minzhen Cai for graduating with a Ph.D. from the Applied Science Department at William & Mary.
Nov 2012 We present four papers at the 2012 Fall MRS Meeting in Boston, MA on topics including self-organization of silk protein, graphene-based nanocomposites, molecular surfactant self-assembly on graphene, and graphene oxide as a band gap material.
Oct 2012 Our paper on Graphite Exfoliation was the third-most read article in the entire Journal of Materials Chemistry in September 2012 — within days after online publication (September 12, 2012).
Sep 2012 Our paper on improved titanium surface treatments for implants gets published in The International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants "Effects of Coating a Titanium Alloy with Fibronectin on the Expression of Osteoblast Gene Markers in the MC3T3 Osteoprogenitor Cell Line" Int. J. Oral Maxillofac. Implants 27, 1081–1090 (2012).
Aug 2012 We publish a new paper on graphene exfoliation in The Journal of Materials Chemistry: "Methods of Graphite Exfoliation" J. Mater. Chem. 22, 24992—25002 (2012).
Aug 2012 We present three papers at the 244th ACS National Fall Meeting in Philadelphia, PA on the topics of polymer nanocomposites, oil–mineral interactions, and molecular self-organization on graphene.
Jul 2012 Our paper on molecular self-organization on graphene gets published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C: "Charge-Driven Selective Adsorption of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate on Graphene Oxide Visualized by Atomic Force Microscopy" J. Phys. Chem. C 116, 20080–20085 (2012).
May 2012 We congratulate our team member Daniel Thorpe for graduating with a B.S. from the Biology Department at William & Mary. Daniel will continue his studies at the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard University.
May 2012 We congratulate our team member James Nebeker for graduating with a B.S. from the Physics Department at William & Mary. James will move on to the Graduate Program of Georgetown University.
May 2012 Prof. Schniepp gives an invited presentation at the E-MRS Spring Meeting in Strasbourg/France ("Biomaterials" Symposium).
May 2012 "Lighter, Stronger, Better" — our research on graphene-based high-performance polymer nanocomposites is featured in the ideation magazine.
Apr 2012 Our paper on orientational order of surfactant micelles on gold gets published in Nano LIFE: "Phonon-Induced Anisotropic Dispersion Forces On A Metallic Substrate" Nano LIFE 02, 1240001 (2012).
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